HDMI Cable

HDMI Cable Embedded / Wiring / Piping skills
Before wiring, please use the equipment to test to ensure that the signal is transmitted normally before wiring. Take dust-proof measures for the two-stage plug, and try to slot the wire and pass the tube without hard pulling, twisting or knotting, so as not to damage the internal core and cause the new number to attenuate distortion.
Signal amplifiers/magnetic rings are equipped for long cables of 25 meters and above. Please pay attention to distinguish the directionality. After pre-embedded into the wall, the joints must be protected to avoid accidental injury during decoration. It is recommended to use a cable tube above 30mm to facilitate the threading or follow-up It is easier to disassemble and assemble for wire replacement.
When turning and using the tube, please do not bend the wire more than 90 degrees to avoid damage to the wire core due to uneven force on the wire core.